About Us

Find out about where Tania came from and who we are

Tania.ai is named after Donamaree Ryder’s mother and is the fulfilment of a promise she made as a child to use her skills to help others get ahead.

“I come from a low socio-economic background and when I was little my mum and I used to dream about what it would be like to be financially secure and have enough money to buy basic things like milk and bread.

“And so we devised a master plan that I’d get educated, because she wasn’t, and when I figured out how businesses and money worked then I would bring back that knowledge to help everyone else. That is where Tania.ai came from.”  Donnamaree Ryder


The Tania Team

The amazing people at Tania who make it happen!  We comprise multiple talents and expertise in Voice and AI technology, finance, and accounting.

Donnamaree Ryder

Chief Executive Officer

Nicolas Barmejo

Chief Technology Officer

Janene Stewart

Chief Product Officer

Nadia Taiaroa

Chief Operating Officer

Elysia Wanakore

Chief Customer Officer

Our Support Team

Here are the amazing companies who support Tania to make it all happen