About Us

Find out about where Tania came from and who we are

Donnamaree Ryder

Chief Executive

Why Does Tania exist?

People are data rich and information poor.

In our experience, people have a number of reasons as to why they don’t use their financial data or reports:

  • “I’m not good with numbers”
  • “I don’t have time to read through reports”
  • “They don’t really tell me anything useful, because I don’t really understand what they are saying”
  • “They’re just for the accountants to work out my taxes”
  • “As long as I have money in the bank, that’s all I need to know”
  • “I don’t need to read the reports to know how I am doing”

What this tells us is that many people don’t really understand what their financial information can reveal.  Tania exists because we want people to understand what their information is trying to tell them and hopefully one day love them, so they know where to focus their time and energy.



The Tania Team

The amazing people at Tania who make it happen!  We comprise multiple talents and expertise in Voice and AI technology, finance, and accounting.

Nicolas Arcay Barmejo

Technology Lead

Janene Stewart

Product Lead

Nadia Taiaroa

Growth Lead

Elysia Wanakore

Customer Lead

The Tania Support Team

Here are the amazing companies who support Tania to make it all happen