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Our Story

At the heart of the story is a desire to help others. is the fulfilment of a promise; a contribution to a world where more people can have access to the financial advice they need to ensure their own dreams are a success.

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This is Tania’s legacy of change

Driven to make a difference in memory of her mother – Tania – founder Donnamaree Ryder wanted to make it easier for more people to get ahead on their terms.

Tania’s vision is to help grow the financial acumen of individuals so they can build profitable and sustainable businesses that contribute to thriving communities – and in turn inspire others to break cycles, create independence and financially flourish.

The team who bring to life

Blending talents across AI technology, finance and accounting, we’ve built a platform that’s giving businesses access to transformative financial advice in a way that works for them.

Our Advisory Group

We’re backed by the expert guidance of some pretty impressive industry advisors who are helping us plot the course on our road trip to Nasdaq.

We have world-class technology on our side

Some of the amazing companies who support to make it all happen.

Get on your team

Shall we get acquainted? You can take me for a spin yourself for free, or book a time for a insider to talk you through my many talents.