FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Tania

See below our most commonly asked questions

How do I stop Tania from having access to your organisation?

Go to the Tania Portal and click on the organisation you would like to revoke acccess for.  Then click on revoke the selected organisation and all access to your organisation will  be removed. 

Do I need an Alexa Device to use Tania?

No.  It is preferred that you use an Alexa device, but if you do not have access to one, you can simply use your mobile phone and you use the Amazon Alexa App as your Alexa device to access Tania..

Will Tania work without Internet access?

Tania needs internet access to integrate your real-time data from Xero and to coordinate her conversation with you, via your Alexa device or Amazon Alexa mobile app.

Where is Tania available?

Tania is available in New Zealand, Australia, United States and United Kingdom at this time.  But we will look to make her available to other countries in future.

Does Tania update my data in Xero?

Tania is solely a reporting tool and so we do not manage any changes to your Xero data.

How safe is my data when using Tania?

Tania has three layers of security around your data; your Amazon authorisation, your Xero authorisation and an Amazon Alexa App 5 digit authorisation code.  To ensure security over any Tania session, you will be required to provide a 5 digit authorisation code delivered via your Amazon Alexa App every 30 minutes.  Tania will ask you for this, when it is required.  . .

What language does Tania use?

Tania uses English at this time.  But we will look to include other languages in future.

Other questions?

For any other questions, please click on the purple chatbot to the bottom right of your screen or email us at support@tania.ai.