Tania Partner Programme

At Tania we are passionate about working  together with accountants and business advisors to help businesses love their financial story

Why partner with Tania ?

Accountants and Business Advisors have told us that Tania helps generate conversations, and ultimately empowers their clients to understand their financial story.

Our motto is “together we’re helping businesses love their financial story” and we truly believe this.

Watch our video for a quick overview of the partner program.


Our Partner Packages

Named after mighty native New Zealand trees, our packages create opportunities for Accountants and Business Advisors to help their clients prosper and be rewarded for doing so.

Partner with us to help your client’s business improve and grow

Benefits and More!

Joining as a Tania partner is free!

As a Tania partner, you’ll get a free Tania business package subscription, training, and marketing support – not to mention the generous commissions you can keep or pass on to your clients.

No Program Joining Fees

Free Tania Subscription

Generous Discounts

Loyalty Points Programme

Personal Accnt Manager

Training Opportunities

Get a boost with loyalty points

When you and your clients use Tania, you receive loyalty points that help increase your partner status and rewards.

Find out how many points you earn and check the eligibility criteria

For each new paying Tania subscripton

When you connect us on social media

When you link Tania to your website

Each Tania champion in your company

Celebrate your Tania Partner Birthday

Providing feedback on Tania surveys

Become a Tania Champion

We’ve created a certification course – outlining everything you need to know about Tania.
Having a Tania Champion within your organisation will be a criterion of the partner program – however, this will be open to anyone.

Plus, you’ll earn loyalty point for everyone in your organisation who completes Tania Champion certification. It’s win-win!

Vouching for you

We’ll happily vouch for you and promote your organisation as a Tania preferred provider.
List your organisation in our Advisor directory and attract potential new clients to work with.

Find out more

Here’s more detail around the partner program we have setup for you.

If you have any queries please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to have a chat!

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