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Get on your team

Your partner in delivering powerful financial acumen and immediate insights to clients

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Time-wasting is an epidemic.  We’re here to cure it.

I help keep your accounting clients up-to-date daily with the numbers they need to know and make space for you to have more meaningful advisory conversations.

I’m here to help your business look good – while your clients do good business.

With accounting tasks automated, your time is freed up to focus on that big-picture financial stuff that really makes a difference to your client’s business, while still leaving you feeling confident that they’ve got accountability over their day-to-day finances.

Think of me as a virtual team member who works around the clock to:

Help you lead with Insights

Gain instant and valuable insights and lead the way for your SME clients.

Let you work smarter

Offer basic advisory services straight away.

Have easier conversations

Generate more meaningful conversations with your clients.

Help you really make a difference

Empower your clients to be self-sufficient.

You + Me.  Name a better duo.

Immediate insights for you and your clients

You know those insight reports that take up hours of your time (and are not really your favourite part of your job)? Don’t worry – I’ve got ‘em covered.

I take the metrics that matter most and put them front-and-centre in a daily fast focus report for you. You’ll quickly see a red flag for clients who need help to avoid the bigger cash-tastrophies that take up your time.

You + Me.  Let’s get this.

Triage and prioritise 

Those insights are only valuable if you can do something about them, right?

I give your clients an easy, more intuitive way to get to you. They can spark up a chat, request responsive support from your frontline, or book in a meeting with you to dig into bigger discussions. Easier access to an advisor means more value for them from your fees, while a triage approach helps you prioritise your time on critical conversations.

You + Me.  Knowledge is Power.

Elevate your advisory services 

With day-to-day financials all in order, you can instead focus client-time talking about the high-value, big picture stuff that actually gets you excited.

Having regular insights opens pathways for more productive (and profitable, cha-ching) advisory conversations. For your client, this means shorter, more powerful meetings that are tangibly delivering greater bang for their buck. Peow peow.

So, how about it?

Shall we get acquainted? You can take me for a spin yourself for free, or book a time for a insider to talk you through my many talents.