Data Security

We have three layers of security over your data, so you can feel reassured your data is safe with Tania

3 Legged Authorisation Process

For Tania, we use a 3-legged authorization process to register our customers in our database, and we also make an OAuth v2 connection in our voice application to authenticate the customer with our database.

Xero tokens are only valid for 30 minutes and are renewed only after authentication by the customer when the Tania assistant is launched

5 Digit Code for everyday use

To ensure security to your Alexa device or Alexa App, a unique code is sent to the user’s mobile Alexa application which they have to read to Tania to enable access to a session. 

The code provides the user with a 30 minute session before a new code is required.

Where is the Tania system held

The heart of Tania is hosted on our Amazon server, behind a firewall to which we have also added a layer of security with Cloudflare, 

None of our API calls contain raw data, the calculation is transferred to our server which returns only the result of a calculation.

Every API call requires authentication by our database of authorised users and their respective authentication keys.


Use and Storage of Xero Data

Tania’s intelligence works with real-time data, We do no store any Xero data on our server, portal or voice application.

To eliminate all risk, the information we retrieve is never stored, we query the Xero server through signed requests using the RSA SHA1 method.

A further level of security over your data, is that we delete all data immediately after your session with Tania has ended.