Tania Cashflow Feature

Our FREE Cashflow feature is focused on ensuring you understand your cashflow position now and in the next 3 months so you can find a way through.

Unreconciled Bank Transactions

Understand whether your accounts are up to date due to your unreconciled bank transactions

Current Month Cashflow Review

Understand your current month cashflow movements in and out of your bank

Month End Forecast Analysis

Understand your month end short term cashflow forecast expected for month end

AP and AR Outstanding and Due

Understand your short term Receivables and Payables that are outstanding and due

3 month Cashflow Forecast

 Understand your next 3 month cashflow forecast based on previous 3 months or last year

Re-Forecast 3 month Cashflow

Reforecast your next 3 month cashflow forecast based on your understanding of your now