Powerful Financial Acumen

Powerful financial acumen is about making great judgement calls and quick decisions.  
It’s about understanding the impact of your financial activities and taking positive action.

You’re in business because you have skills that matter. But being in business doesn’t necessarily make you an expert in finance, and finance plays an important role in how well your business is doing.

The good news? You don’t need to be a financial whizz because that’s where Tania comes in.

Tania empowers businesses to be smart with their finances. She tells you what all your numbers mean and arms you with the knowledge to run an optimal business.

Integrated with Xero, too easy

Tania.ai integrates with your Xero account at the click of a button. It’s a simple and easy process to get set up. And while this doesn’t give the folks here at Tania.ai access to your data, it does enable Tania to be the voice of your finances.

The basics

Tania will help manage things like your receivables and payables, ensuring the flow of money coming in and out is balanced. She’ll highlight any red flags and even remind you to chase up any outstanding accounts.

Shifting from reactive to proactive

Great business success requires some foresight. You don’t need a crystal ball, you just need Tania. She’ll help forecast, plan ahead and give you a heads up about any events such as if you’re heading into overdraft. With Tania, you can stay ahead of your financial activities with ease.

Optimising sales

Numbers on their own don’t always give you the full picture. Tania looks at all your figures and knows how they impact each other – she can tell you if your margins need to be increased and how much profit you’re making after taking out your costs.

Preparing for the uncertain

While none of us can predict things like a global pandemic, we can be prepared for uncertain times. With Tania keeping an eye on your finances, she’ll ensure you are equipped and able to cope with anything that comes your way.

Safeguard against errors and fraud

Mistakes happen (and unfortunately so does fraud). It’s not always easy to spot when things aren’t right, unless you have someone watching your figures all the time. Tania is your financial watchdog, keeping an eye out for any irregularities and informing you as they happen.

Make better use of your time

Your time is best used doing what you do best – creating products and services people love. Tania works away in the background, crunching numbers and analysing figures. All you have to do is have a quick chat with her and she’ll tell you where you need to focus your time.

Focus on problem solving with your accountant

With Tania providing your daily briefings and a clear picture of your financial performance, the conversations you have with your accountant will be more powerful, shorter and focused on the important things.

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