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Make your financial sidekick

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to boost your financial well-being.

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The good news? You are not alone.

You’re in business because you have skills that matter. But being in business doesn’t necessarily make you an expert in numbers, and those numbers play an important role in how well your business is doing.

You don’t need to be a financial whizz because that’s where comes in. You can think of me as your on-demand financial sidekick. I easily provide a snapshot of your financial priorities, so that you can make great judgment calls and quick decisions.

I’m teamed up with Xero

Having data is one thing, but knowing what it means is another.

My (easy-to-set-up) integration with Xero allows me to gain instant insights into your finances, translating numbers into every day, actionable language (in other words, not confusing accounting-speak).

Here’s why you’ll love me…

I keep an eye on the basics

I help manage things like receivables and payables, ensuring the flow of money coming in and out is balanced.

I’m on the lookout for any red flags and will even share reminders for those important tax dates and to chase up any outstanding accounts.

I’m strategic, too

Numbers on their own don’t always give the full picture. I’m clever enough to look at all your figures and know how they impact each other – I can tell if margins need to be increased and how much profit a business is making after taking out costs.

I’ll give you a nudge if there’s anything I think could be improved.

I’ve got your back

While none of us can predict things (like a global pandemic), we can be prepared for uncertain times.

With me keeping an eye on finances, I’ll ensure you are in a better position to cope with any unexpected boat-rocking that comes your way.

I’m the next best thing to a crystal ball

Success in business requires foresight – which is hard when you’re stuck in the daily ‘doing’.

I help you stay ahead of your financial activities with forecasting and planning, while giving a heads-up about any upcoming events (like if you’re heading into overdraft). That’s one less task on your to-do list.

I make the conversation easy

Do you struggle to know when to contact your accountant? Let me help simplify the conversation. By identifying the problem areas, you can effectively collaborate with your accountant or business advisor to find solutions.

Don’t ignore the issues, tackle them promptly to prevent them from becoming major problems.

I simplify to-do lists

Let’s face it, there are plenty of things you would rather be doing than checking accounts every day.

But with me working in the background, crunching numbers and analysing figures, I filter out the noise and let you know what really needs attention so you can prioritise their time.

Satisfied users

Tania is an amazing tool that helps me to navigate how we are progressing it helps to talk to me on a daily basis with my financial needs but also how to read the numbers to plan and grow my business at Wai Mauri Health


Business Owner will revolutionize how we interact with our clients. Instead of spending time bringing them up to speed, we can add value by problem-solving and growing their business.


Chartered Accountant

It’s great data and the insights are gold! It’s the best info we have ever received from a consultant!


Board Director

What a tool…so easy to to use and powerful!  Wasn’t sure what to expect but seriously cool!  Especially for financial luddites like myself (and most small business owners!).


Business Owner

Get on your team

Shall we get acquainted? You can take me for a spin yourself for free, or book a time for a insider to talk you through my many talents.